Organise an unforgettable Midsommar party in your garden!

Summer is almost here and that means it's time to enjoy your garden at its best! And what could be better than celebrating the summer magic with a fun Midsommar garden party? Midsommar, or the longest day of the year, is celebrated on 24 June, and it is traditionally done in nature or the greenery of your (own) garden. This Swedish tradition is too cosy not to adopt, so we share six tips to celebrate this unique garden party at your home. Let's get started!

Create an enchanting atmosphere with flowers

Midsommar is about celebrating the solstice and the abundance of nature. Make your garden party extra magical by decorating your outdoor space with beautiful flowers. Choose colourful summer flowers such as sunflowers, daisies and lavender. Make garlands of flowers and hang them in trees or scatter them on tables for a splash of colour and fragrance. You can also go out in nature or pick flowers from your own garden, thanks to, for example, this mix from Aveve that you can sow in the flower beds. 

Dance around the maypole

A traditional part of Midsommar is dancing around the maypole. Place a beautifully decorated maypole (or a wooden pole decorated with ivy) in the centre of your garden and invite your guests to join in this merry tradition. 

Organise games and activities

Provide interaction and entertainment by organising games and activities. Think of classic summer activities like jeu de boules, kubb (a Scandinavian throwing game) or a piñata for the kids. These games are both young & old and create a fun atmosphere.

Serve traditional Swedish food and drinks

Make your Midsommar garden party a culinary experience by serving traditional Swedish food and drinks. Think Swedish delicacies like herring, smoked salmon, potato salad, Swedish meatballs (halloooo Ikea!) and strawberry cake. Don't forget to also offer some traditional Midsommar drinks like elderflower champagne or score guaranteed with this Elderflower Collins as a cocktail: 
- 5 cl Vodka
- 2 cl lemon juice
- 2 cl elderflower syrup
1 slice of lemon
Pour all ingredients together in a glass with a few cubes of ice and finish with the lemon slice et voilà, the most delicious cocktail is born!

Create cosy seating areas

Create comfortable and cosy seating areas in your garden so your guests can relax and enjoy the party. Place comfortable garden furniture, such as lounge sofas and hammocks, in strategic places in your garden. These cosy corners invite conversation and create a relaxed atmosphere.

Lights and garlands

Provide cheerful lights and garlands in the trees & in the rest of the garden. Don't have garlands of lights? Then you can recover glass jars by washing them out after use. Place a tea light in the jar and place them in small groups throughout the room, on the table or to light up the path. Magic guaranteed! For cheerful garlands, you can also get to work with some string and ribbons: cut the colourful ribbon into equal pieces (of +-15-20cm) and group them to form a tassel or tie them to the string every 20-30cm each. 

With these six fun ways, you can organise an unforgettable Midsommar garden party. Don't forget to make your garden party extra magical with beautiful flowers, traditional food and drinks, and cosy seating areas. Enjoy your garden party and let the summer fun begin!kelsey-chance-CutTQTt2HyI-unsplash