What to expect from the Resigrass laying service for artificial grass

Kunstgras installerenYou really enjoy the greenery in your garden and don't want to compromise on it, but would still like a more maintenance-friendly lawn? Would you like to transform your roof terrace into a cosy roof garden? Or are you looking for a quick upgrade for your property? 
Artificial grass is an ideal solution for several people due to its low-maintenance nature, quick installation (hello instant transformation!) and long lifespan (+-15years). You can easily install these fake grass mats yourself.

However, if you lack the time, energy or simply desire to start this job yourself, you can count on a professional installation service from Resigrass. Below are the different ways in which an artificial grass installation service makes your life a lot easier!

Complete carefree service 

Installing artificial grass involves quite a bit of work. First you choose the right artificial grass, then you make sure you have a good surface and finally there is the rolling out, trimming and fixing of the turf. Transporting the grass rolls to your place is also a bit of a logistical undertaking. Because this involves a lot of knowledge and time, we understand like no other that a self-installation is not for everyone. Once you have bought your artificial grass from us, you can make use of the (paying) installation service. This service takes care of everything from A to Z: our logistics service arranges the containers, waste bags and sand for preparing the ground. Depending on the size of your project, the installers spend a day excavating the existing lawn/underground, installing a solid sand bed and artificial grass. At the end of the day, you will enjoy a fresh green, evergreen lawn in your front or back garden! Be careful though, because if seams are made, they still need to harden for 24 hours. 

Professional customisation 

It's the details that count at Resigrass. So expect customisation around stepping stones, borders and existing trees. If there is still a drain cover somewhere, they will also provide a suitable solution. A pit for a drying rack? Cut to size! In this way, the fake lawn fits seamlessly into the existing structures in your outdoor environment, for a natural, perfect result. 

Not only installation, but also cleaning & repair

Leaves from trees, pollen, sand: over the years, organic material will accumulate in the soil of your artificial grass mat. As this cannot always be removed with a broom, it is advisable to call in 'the heavy means'. You can read all about how to do a deep artificial grass maintenance yourself here. Don't feel like renting a pressure washer, industrial hoover and other materials? Then call in our team! They will come on site and carry out all the necessary work to make your grass shine again!
Has there been an accident and damage to the turf? Then provide us with some photos and together we will see how best to repair it. 

Transforming your garden or roof terrace into a low-maintenance green oasis in just one day is no longer an unrealistic dream! Thanks to the years of experience of the artificial grass installers, you have nothing to worry about because they provide the installation of the artificial lawn according to the tricks of the trade! From soil preparation to cutting out small corners and arches on your borders: the Resigrass team takes care of it all. Curious about how we can transform your garden? Then drop by for a no-obligation consultation in our showroom and choose the artificial grass of your dreams from our large collection of premium artificial grass.