Green walls with artificial plants as eye-catchers for commercial buildings

Decorative green walls and green panels are unmissable in the commercial real estate landscape these days. Our latest project, in which we installed a green wall as an eye-catcher at the entrance to the shopping center 'Stadsfeestzaal' in Antwerp, confirms this once again. Green walls not only have aesthetic appeal, but also offer numerous benefits for shopping centres, high streets, retailers and property managers. In this blog, we zoom in on the benefits that green panels have in upgrading your commercial property:

  • High decorative value: One of the most striking advantages of green walls and green panels in plastic is their undeniable decorative value. They bring a touch of green into otherwise often colourless commercial spaces and add a natural element that is both attractive and inviting to customers. Resigrass offers a range of artificial hedges and green panels that are indistinguishable from real ones, giving a luxurious look to any building or shop window.

  • Pleasant experience for customers: the colour green triggers a lot in people, both mentally and physically. Green relaxes and reduces stress: ideal for a day of retail therapy!

  • Quick installation thanks to in-house installation service: Saving time is essential in the commercial world, and Resigrass understands this. We therefore offer an in-house installation service that guarantees fast and efficient installation of green walls. This means that commercial building management does not have to worry about lengthy and disruptive construction work. In addition, the installation requires few technical issues: no water pipes, permanent structural changes, etc. The panels can be easily attached to different surfaces and come off just as easily!

  • No maintenance: Unlike real moss walls or plant walls, a fake moss wall or plastic vertical garden by Resigrass requires no watering, pruning or aesthetic maintenance. Once installed, you can enjoy radiant results for a long time!

  • Wide range of artificial hedges: Resigrass offers a wide range of artificial hedges, giving customers a choice of styles and designs to enhance their corporate identity. Fresh green & wild jungle vibes? Then you're in the right place with the Resileaf Mixed with its different types of leaves or with the finer textured Resileaf Clover. Classic and stylish for an event or exhibition stand? Then bay laurel or boxwood are your go-to solutions!   Whether for a modern shopping centre or a historic building, there is always a suitable artificial greenery solution available. This versatile range allows you to adapt green walls to the aesthetics of the building or shop window.

  • Aesthetic added value for buildings: Green walls and green panels not only provide visual appeal, but also contribute to the overall aesthetic value of commercial buildings. They can be used to hide ugly concrete walls, brighten up dull spaces and create a sense of natural beauty. This can result in an enhanced customer experience and increased visitor numbers.

Would you also like to optimize the customer experience of visitors in your shopping centre, shop, catering outlet or exhibition stand with a touch of greenery. Resigrass' green walls offer not only an aesthetic transformation of all types of spaces, but also practical benefits such as quick installation and adaptability for seasonal decoration. The wide range of artificial hedges makes it possible to find the perfect greenery solution for any building, resulting in increased customer appeal and improved overall property value. In short, green walls and green panels are a win-win for everyone involved in the commercial property industry. Call us on 03 290 35 93 for free advice or more info on the possibilities for your property!