In all fairness: Tips & tricks for the successful design of your trade fair stand

The exhibition season is picking up and if you have already booked your stand as a company, now comes the next question: how do we dress this exhibition stand? Anno 2023, consumers' attention is the most precious commodity. With a consumer's average attention span dropping below that of a goldfish (8 versus 9 seconds), you'd better make sure your exhibition stand looks inviting and grabs attention. Once on the stand, it's up to your sales team to convert potential customers. So designing an attractive and effective exhibition stand is a crucial part of success at trade shows and events! A well-designed stand can attract attention, attract customers, build a positive connotation with your brand and leave a lasting impression. If you are looking for ways to improve your exhibition stand, consider the following tips and tricks for a logical layout, customer focus and the use of synthetic plants and green walls, perfect for both photo opportunities and atmospheric decoration.Fotomuur Resigrass

How to organise your exhibition stand logically:

  • Streamline the layout: Start with a clear and simple layout. The flow of visitors should feel natural and guide them past important products and information.

  • Focus on functionality: Think about how your stand will be used. Provide enough space for product demonstrations, meetings and interaction with visitors.

  • Inclusive space: Take wheelchair accessibility into account and provide enough seating for visitors who want to rest or talk.

Customer focus:

  • A warm welcome: Place a friendly and inviting reception desk at the front of your booth. Staff should greet and inform about your products or services.

  • Interactive elements: Integrate interactive displays or touchscreen technology to engage visitors and teach them more about what you have to offer.

Personal attention: Train your staff to actively listen to visitors' needs and offer them personalised solutions.Beurshal


  • Brand it like you mean it: incorporate your brand's colours into the design of your exhibition stand. In addition, think about the core values of your company that you can translate into the decoration. If you stand for high-end garden furniture, make sure your trade fair environment immerses customers in a summery, luxurious vibe with plants, good lighting and a fresh decoration. 

  • Greenery as an attention-getter: Use synthetic plants and green walls to create a natural and calming atmosphere. These artificial elements are low-maintenance and can be used in various forms.

  • Lights please: ensure good lighting. Think functional lighting of the products you put on display, but also dimmed and indirect light sources to create a cozy atmosphere. Few elements set the tone as much as the right lighting, so make sure you focus enough on this. Read more tips on lighting your space here.

  • Photo opportunities: Place a green wall in a strategic location as a photo opportunity for visitors. This will not only generate attention, but also free publicity via social media. If you are looking for a temporary green wall, you can hire one from Resigrass, where the team will erect and dismantle your wall. You can customise the design of plants according to your wishes: exotic green panels, a nice mix of different plant species, a moss wall or a classic like boxwood? You name it, we have it!

In conclusion, a well-designed exhibition stand attracts the attention of potential customers and, as the first touchpoint with your brand, is a crucial moment to exude your core values. With a logical layout, customer-centric approach and the addition of synthetic plants and green walls, you can create a unique and successful exhibition stand that sets your brand apart from the competition. Good luck with your future exhibition stands and events!